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When allegations of clergy misconduct, domestic violence, child abuse/neglect or other serious threats to the safety and security of the church and those it serves occur, church leaders may suddenly find themselves in the midst of a congregational crisis. Charting a course through these emotionally charged situations is never easy, and can be virtually impossible without the assistance of an experienced, sensitive and capable professional.

For over 15 years, I have provided confidential consultation and intervention services to churches in crisis to ensure that harm to all involved is minimized and unnecessary losses are avoided. With my assistance and support, church staff, leaders and ministers can ensure that any action taken meets relevant legal requirements, community standards for church safety and security and protection of vulnerable persons, and best practice guidelines for intervention in situations that pose threats of harm. 

No church is immune from misconduct on the part of a staff member, minister or other church leader. When church leaders fail, it is not only their victims who are exploited and betrayed, but their entire congregation, other church leaders, and the larger community.

At a minimum, misconduct of a church leader risks:

•  loss of members (and associated revenue)
•  sense of betrayal (and related pain & confusion)
•  loss of faith in God, church leaders, and the church
•  loss of focus on mission and ministry,
•  conflict and mistrust among church members and leaders, and
•  difficulty with future ministers and leaders

When the unthinkable happens, I can help you guide your church through the process of promoting healing and recovery for those who have been wounded, and assist you in effectively ministering to individuals and the community. My support and expertise can prove invaluable assets to you in:
•  restoring safety and security  
•  recovering congregational trust and credibility  
•  grieving necessary losses  
•  regaining hope  
•  finding strength to move forward  
•  recovering community credibility and goodwill  

For a free initial consultation, contact me today at (901) 229-2849 or lkoxford@bellsouth.net.